Revere Pewter Kitchen Update Before Photos

We share a lot about our Revere Pewter Kitchen Update on social media. It was Miter’s first major kitchen renovation project so it is very dear to our hearts. While it looks fresh, bright and modern now it wasn’t always like that. Before it was the Revere Pewter Kitchen Update it was the Purple Palace. Everything about this space was in desperate need of an upgrade. Almost all of the finishes were original – builder grade finishes and there was an incredible amount of purple carpet. Check out below for the before photos of the space.

The major highlights are the following:

  • New kitchen cabinets
  • New engineered hardwood throughout the main floor
  • New baseboards, window/door casing
  • Removal of a drywall ledge in the living room
  • Re-finish the fireplace, including the addition of an angled wall from the mantel to the ceiling
  • A fresh coat of paint on the walls, baseboard, casing, doors and railing

Check out the before picture’s…

…and then head over the final images to see how the space looks now!