Preparing Your First Home for Your Second Child

Once you have begun to feel settled and at ease in your first home with your growing family, change might be the last thing on your mind—but it happens, nonetheless. If you are newly expecting a happy addition to your family, it might be just the right time to consider another expansion—for your home. If your eldest is already long past toddling, they might not be so keen on sharing their space with the little one! Remodeling a nursery into a playroom so siblings can have some quality time together is one great idea. Another is a more open concept bedroom to give the two kids some much-needed privacy (and you some much-needed peace and quiet!). We at Miter Renovations understand the differing needs of various families, and that’s why we are dedicated to seeing through the entire project with complete transparency, so that all you need to worry about is watching them grow up.

Deciding Between a Nursery Remodel and an Expansion

Depending on the ages between your children, the older one’s bedroom might still be suitable for your new arrival. Any room can be made infant-safe with some simple home solutions, such as outlet covers and corner guards for any head height furniture in the space. If you want to turn an office or spare bedroom into the perfect little haven for your baby, there are some more in-depth steps you can take.

Common nursery ideas include:

  • New flooring and/or carpeting to keep their little feet warm
  • Custom crib design for individuality and easy night time check-ups
  • Pastel paint colours to stimulate imagination and relaxation
  • A lockable walk-in closet to keep changing essentials nearby, but out of reach for a baby
  • New lighting fixtures for fun or sleepy-time
  • Expertly carved toy chests for long lasting memories

But what if you already have the perfect room for your new baby and it’s the fiercely independent three-year-old who needs their own space? You still have many options. Deciding between making the existing nursery larger to accommodate differing needs and renovating an existing “grown-up” room to suit the needs of your preschooler can be a tough choice. It can come down to cost and space considerations, and we at Miter Renovations understand the pressures put on your families trying to juggle varying needs.

Making room in your hearts is the easiest thing in the world; making room in your home can be a logistical hassle. Whether you choose to redo an existing space or make one entirely new, Miter Renovations works directly with you throughout the whole process so that the work can be done in an efficient, thorough, and cost-minded manner. To learn more about the specific services we offer, and to book a consultation, contact us today at Miter Renovations & Design.