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Having clean and uncluttered countertops was especially important for this client. They wanted to have items accessible yet out of sight. We incorporated an appliance garage into their kitchen cabinet design. Small appliances like blenders, coffee makers and toasters can easily be stored in an appliance garage and used whenever needed but don’t take up any visual space on the counter.

The area above the refrigerator can be wasted space. Often another cabinet is installed above it to add more storage and prevent that space from being wasted. However, there is an alternative; a cookbook shelf! This client wanted a space to display their cookbooks and a place for some wine storage. The cookbooks provide a pop of colour in the otherwise all white kitchen.

A big kitchen island was at the top of this client’s wish list. It provided a space for entertaining and food prep. The large island meant there was lots of potential for creativity with design (and storage). First, the microwave is installed on the back side of the island, so it is hidden from view and easily accessible. Second, there is a row of cabinets on the backside of the island. There are no handles here, just touch latches to create a seamless look (it also means that if you’re sitting at the island you won’t bump your knees on any handles). The extra storage is great for items such as vases and serving ware, you don’t need to access them every day but they are at your finger tips when you need them.

A fireplace is the focal point of any room, the old fireplace did draw the eye but in a negative way. The drywall border was oversized and disproportionate to the tile surround. The mantel was too high for the room and the whole fireplace felt overbearing. To create a more dramatic look and to make the corner fireplace look deliberate (not that it was just plunked into the room as an afterthought) the corner wall was enclosed. The mantel was lowered to a more proportionate height. We switched out the drywall border with a wooden shaker detail. The tile surround was replaced with a modern faux marble subway tile design. The insert was kept the same and was sprayed all black to have it blend in. Check out this Instagram post to see what it looked like before and during the construction process.